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      Wallowas, One of Oregons 7 Wonders
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      Beautiful Joseph Oregon in the Fall
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      Chief Joseph, Bronze art in Joseph
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      Wildlife at its moment
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      Western Culture & Art
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      Making memories in the Wallowas
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      Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race
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      Snow Capped Wallowas
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      Beautiful Wallowa Lake
  • Visit the Wallowas! One of Oregons 7 Wonders

  • Spring is arriving!  The snow is melting in the valley; the snowcapped mountain peaks have never looked more stunning, as the streams swell.  This is prime time for birding and wildlife viewing.  The eagles and hawks are soaring above the rolling grasslands of the Zumwalt and Wallowa Valley.  Everything is green and beautiful.  Locals say this is the best time to see the Wallowas!

    The Great Solar Eclipse is August 21, 2017!  The Wallowas are just north of the path of totality.  Our neighbors in Baker City are directly in the path.  If you are visiting Baker County for this event the partial phase starts 9:09 am and ends 11:46 am.  The totality will occur at 10:24 am and last 1 minute and 35 seconds.  After you enjoy the eclipse we invite you over to Wallowa Lake for star gazing the solar system.  A perfect way to enhance a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  Plan for the Dragons in the Wallowas Race August 26-27.  Here are the major Wallowa County Events.

    Fishing! Isn't it time to cast your line into the clear waters of mountain fed wild and scenic rivers of the Wallowas? Challenge yourself to fish for world class Steelhead or defy the world record for Kokanee in the deep waters of Wallowa Lake.  Don’t forget your hiking boots and grab your binoculars! The Wallowa Mountains and Hells Canyon have a near limitless playground for outdoor recreation. 

    The Wallowas, a near limitless playground to explore - One of Oregon's Favorite 7 Wonders!   For a visitor information packet for Wallowa Lake, Joseph Oregon, Hells Canyon and the Wallowas click here

    Visitor season officially opens Memorial Weekend at Wallowa Lake and Wallowa Lake Tramway
    Wallowa County Chamber newsletter:  June Newsletter 
    "Top 25 Things To Do" in Wallowa County! 

    Visit Sunset Magazine's feature on beautiful Wallowa County: click here

    • From Buckhorn at Sunrise
    • Ice Lake at Sunrise
    • Lupines Wumwalt looking towards Wallowas
    • Eagle Cap Peak
    • Wallowas from Northend of Zumwalt Prairie
    • Wallowa Lake

    Wallowa Lake Video

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