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Connect to Genuine Wallowa County

Escape the urban mania of the world and experience a slower pace in Wallowa County – much like a clip from the past of simple living; neighbors who know neighbors; friendly local businesses, and a culture rich in family farms and ranches.

Wallowa County is a rural frontier community.  Our residents have a great sense of pride in the country lifestyle and value the many benefits to living here verses living in populated metro regions.  Our communities rely on every one of its members to contribute, which is why you’ll frequently find kids of all ages working alongside their parents to make things happen.  When someone is sick or there’s a death in a family, the community pulls through again with fundraisers, potlucks, or whatever it takes to help out.

We do not sacrifice in life for what is important to us.  Wallowa County has state of the art healthcare, which includes the new Wallowa Memorial Hospital and a new Wallowa Valley Care Center for assisted living and residential care. Our schools for the K-12 continuously receive honors in quality education programs.  Wallowa County has an vibrant community of nonprofits for arts, music, theater, history, and literature.

Here, the focus is definitely not on consumption.  It’s on family and community.  And perhaps above all, it’s about outdoor beauty, friendly people, and A Way of Living.

Welcome to Wallowa County!