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Wallowa County Business Profiles

As part of our commitment to cultivating future business leaders, the Wallowa County Chamber is proud to highlight the senior project of local student, Owen Gorham, Class of 2024 at Joseph Charter School.

Owen undertook his senior project with a focus on business exploration and promotion. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Owen wanted to delve into the stories behind some of our local businesses, aiming to uncover their origins and future aspirations.

Under the mentorship of our Executive Director, Jennifer Piper, Owen conducted insightful interviews with various businesses within the County, capturing their unique narratives. Owen created these articles with a goal of amplifying our local businesses' presence in a way that could easily be shared on social media.

We invite you to explore Owen's articles profiling local businesses in Wallowa County.


Meet Jane & Jeff, Owners of Blue Mountain Donuts

Blue Mountain Donuts company is one of the newest businesses that we have here in Joseph. As the name suggests they make amazing donuts - everything from traditional cake doughnuts to amazing fritters and cream-filled concoctions that are mouthwatering! Along with this, they offer take-and-bake pizzas that are very delicious. 

Jane and Jeff opened their store on November 8th, 2023. Jane had always loved good fresh donuts but there was not really anywhere in the county that was providing what she was looking for. With a background in the donut industry, she immediately knew that she could provide good quality donuts, right here in Joseph! It took some time to find the perfect location. She knew the building, in the middle of town and just off of main street, would be a well-trafficked area and they got right to work and opened shortly after they found their perfect location.

The business has seen much success in a short period of time. They have many locals returning as customers and people driving from far and wide to try their donuts. Jane loves providing for the community and donates her leftover donuts to the police and the Alpine home - as well as the pigs in the FFA program at Joseph Charter School. She is currently trying to expand to an online ordering system for the donuts as well as the take-and-bake pizzas.

With a huge variety of donuts and pizzas you can take and bake, Blue Mountain Donuts is sure to have something for everyone. If you want to see what the daily special is, they do a great job of keeping their Instagram account updated with delectable treats! Located at 102 McCully Dr, Joseph, Oregon this wonderful store is in the heart of downtown.


Learn Something New About The Team at Ruby Peak Realty


Ruby Peak Realty is a well-established realty firm in Wallowa County. They specialize in selling commercial, ranching, farming, and residential real estate. This is a group of high-producing agents who work very hard to provide their customers with the best experience possible. 

Ruby Peak was founded in 2018 by Kirk Makin and saw quick success. It started with a group of experienced agents who came together to work under one firm. Their vision is to work with the community and give back to them as much as they can. Representing both buyers and sellers, they help people find the best property for them or sell other properties for the right price.

This firm is focused on making the county a place where people want to be. Not only do they help people find and sell their homes, they are also a great community partner. Through holding events, donating, and helping people find their homes, Ruby Peak does all it can to benefit the community they are a part of.

You are sure to find any piece of real estate through Ruby Peak. From ranching to residential, they ensure that people joining this community, as well as those who already live here can find the best fit possible for them.


Meet Leah, Owner of Element

Element is a retail shop, art gallery, home decor and furniture store on Main Street in Joseph Oregon. Since opening in the spring of 2021, Element has continued to evolve and grow. 

Leah Svendsen started Element in a leap of faith to follow her passions and pursue a business supported by her creativity. The idea was inspired by the available space on Main Street in Joseph. The location, the layout of the space, and the timing all led to her making the shift to self-employment, leaving her marketing job of 18 years. 

Furniture includes locally made items, Oregon-made custom upholstery and an eclectic mix of living and dining pieces. Home goods and special gift items can be found tastefully displayed in the warm and inviting shop.  

Element represents around 20 local and regional artists as well as the encaustic (hot wax) paintings by owner Leah Svendsen. She also offers encaustic painting classes at the in-store studio for beginner to intermediate levels. The workshops are a great opportunity for tourists and locals alike to work with an experienced artist and explore a new medium.

She has recently begun weaving energy and frequency work into  her business. While improving the comfort of your home is supporting your external environment, she sees energy work as a way of supporting and improving your internal atmosphere. Free consults are available to discuss the services offered which include Access Bars and Emotion Code. A unique blend of local gallery, studio, home decor and furniture, Element is a great place for locals and tourists to visit. You can find Element  at 2 S Main Street in Joseph, Oregon.

2024_Owen_Alpine Meadows

Discover Alpine Meadows Golf Course

The Alpine Meadows Golf Course is located in Enterprise Oregon. It has been a valuable place for recreation in the community and is a very old business for our county. This course has stood the test of time and is very appreciated - by locals and visitors alike - for being open and maintained year after year.

The idea for the course dates back to 1917 when a few county residents who loved the game of golf in the east got a state charter for the land. It started as a 4 hole course and was eventually made nine holes later. Alpine Meadows was doing well for themselves until a lost World War Two bomber crash-landed, after getting lost in bad weather during a training, and tore up parts of the course. Today the course offers stunning views and is well-maintained even through the struggles of our long winters and unpredictable spring. 

With the recent growth of the game of golf, Alpine Meadows has seen a lot of success in the past few years. They are working on bringing back the kitchen in the country club and are hoping to have an increase in staff so they can take better care of the course. They want to host more tournaments and do their share in growing the game within the community.

 Golf can be enjoyed here by anyone of any level. Alpine Meadows is where golf is best, at the base of the Wallowa Mountains, the course boasts some of the most beautiful views out of any golf course in the entire world. You can find this course at 66098, Golf Course Rd, Enterprise Oregon.


Meet Deve, Owner of Tempting Teal Boutique

Tempting Teal is a boutique here on Main Street in Joseph Oregon. Its main focus is selling fashion items and accessories to all who come to our town. This business was one of the pioneers of the stores that we know on the main street and has stood successful for many years.

 Owned by Deve Wolfe, Tempting Teal has been selling fashion items since 1997. Back when she first started she was making fleece items to sell as Christmas presents, she sold her socks in a Christmas store her first year in 1995 and instantly saw a hit when she sold them out. She then moved to selling her items in an open market and then a few buildings around Main Street, adding to her inventory many different items in fashion and accessories and moving away from fleece, she eventually was led to her current building where she is thriving.

Currently, this business is working on expanding to the online market and working on some exciting changes that are soon to come. Deve is grateful for the opportunity she has had and loves serving the community, she is very motivated by them.

So, If you are looking to buy anything from shoes, socks, to jewelry, and all of the women’s fashion in between, I highly recommend making your way to the Tempting Teal Boutique at 12 S Main St, Joseph Oregon.