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    Scenic Wallowa Valley is nestled at the base of the towering Wallowa Mountains and is a sight to behold. The beauty of the Wallowas has provided a stunning backdrop for artists. You will be amazed to discover the diversified artisan talents of the Wallowas: famed photography of the rugged Wallowas and Hells Canyon by photographer David Jensen; Olaf pottery by long-time Alder Slope artist Ted Juve; Wind Dancer's custom hand crafted Native American Flutes artist Roger McGee; beautifully hand blown glass by Moonshine Glass Art artist Stirling Webb; natural fiber arts displayed at the Sheep Shed by artisan Sally Brandt; jewelry maker and artisan Stewart Jones of Stewart Jones Designs that received the prestigious DeBeers Diamonds International Design award, and finally the eloquent paintings of nature and the west by artists Mark and Carol Kortnik. Find additional information about these artisans and more here:

    Wallowa County Artisans


    • Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, Joseph Oregon
    • Chief Joseph Bronze Monument, Joseph Oregon
    • Aspen Grove Gallery, Joseph Oregon
    • Tom Clevenger Art
    • Artist Sam Collett Quick Draw
    • Moonshine, Russell Ford hand blown glass

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