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    Fishtrap is a watering hole for creative writers, avid readers, and thoughtful people who are passionate about the West. At Fishtrap we find new ideas and expand our own capacity for creativity.

    Based in the Northeastern corner of Oregon, at the foot of the Wallowa Mountains, Fishtrap runs 5 core programs that promote clear thinking and good writing in and about the West:

    A Summer Week-long gathering of writers features morning writing workshops, afternoon classes and evening panel discussions, readings, and open-mic.

    A winter Big Read celebrates a work of literature in Wallowa County. Each year is a bit different, depending on the book, but we usually host book club discussions and bring in experts to run classes and events that help illuminate the book and/or provide cultural context, including cook classes and games for adults and children.

    Fishtrap Story Lab: Bridging the Ancient Art of Storytelling with 21st Century Technology. This program offers students instruction in creative writing and the modern tools to share their stories.

    Local Lecture Series: We bring authors in to Wallowa County to give reading and talks on various subjects.

    Yearlong Workshops: We offer a few students that chance to work on their writing with the help of an outstanding teacher/mentor for a 13 month period.


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