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    Tucked away in the Northeast corner of Oregon is Wallowa Country, rugged and remote, yet, incredibly beautiful and loved by the people who live here. Small family owned businesses are the norm and each little town you visit is as diverse as the individuals you will meet along the way. From world-class bronze foundries to exceptional hay and beef products, Wallowa County is everything that defines “The American Spirit” at its best.

    Our communities have double the states average of small business entrepreneurs, so you'll find unique products and services are the rule. Notably missing from the area are the big-box business names so dominant throughout the rest of the country. This is due in part to market forces, butit probably has more to do with the fact that knowing and supporting one’s neighbor, a hallmark of small-town life, is something we consciously practice and prefer.

    What’s life like in a county with only 7000 residents? We offer a genuine rural community with an optimistic adventurous spirit surrounded by the inspiring beauty of the Wallowas and the rugged Hells Canyon. We are family minded, industrious, unpretentious and independent. Our brand stands for higher quality products and services. It’s a way of living here!

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